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The Hellenic Republic has been given for centuries a countless number of names to designate this incredible area of the Mediterranean Sea that, in these days, has been known internationally as Greece. However, the history of the ancient civilizations has made us aware that this vast area has received different designations due to the different settlements of nomad cultures, travelers and merchants that ended up settling down in what we know today as Greece. Some of these designations have remained throughout the centuries, providing Greece with different names given by the different societies that ruled once this area of the Mediterranean Sea, making reference to Greece as Hellas or Ellada.

Hellas is, therefore and as we all know, the cradle of the Mediterranean culture; unlike many sites that state that Greece is the cradle of the Western Civilization, Hellasob.com has been able to identify this misconception, a false impression that does not conceive the Mediterranean culture as the frame of the Western and Middle-East civilizations, a very deep concept that the Mediterranean culture has been able to explain with its unique features such as the Mediterranean gastronomy and culture. Hellas culture saw how a new kind of inhabitants was born, an unprecedented population with exceptional and inimitable abilities, aptitudes very noticeable if we take a quick look at the music, paintings, mosaics, sculptures, miniatures, artifacts, ceramics, textiles, medals, coins, calligraphy, literature, history, politics, and many other.

The Hellenic Republic is delimitated by the Mediterranean Sea to the south and Bulgaria, Albania and the Republic of Macedonia to the north; Turkey represents the border to the east, although it is not only the border with Greece but the borderlines of the European continent and the European Union. The country not only comprises the inland and coastal areas such as the Peloponnese Peninsula that includes the area of Attica, but a large number of islands including Crete, Dodecanese, Cyclades and the Ionian archipelagos. The Hospitality and Tourism industry made of these islands the best destinations for both tourists and visitors since the late 80s, something that has improved the old-fashioned way to visit Greece.