Lodging: Accommodations and Cruises

Greece is the final destination for millions of visitors every year as Hellas has developed a great Hospitality network as well as an incredible vacation-industry service-sector Tourism system. Hellas is known as one of the most hospitable places due to its ancient culture; Greek civilization had deep hospitality principles. It was believed that Xenia, concept for Hospitality, was mandatory by Zeus, also known as Zeus Xenios. The concept of hospitality became a ceremony where both, host and guest, would show their gratitude following the 3 main rules of hospitality, something that still reflects the Greek warm sense of openness, generosity and friendliness.

Accommodations in Greece are easy to find. Mainland Hellas or any of the most than 200 hundreds islands in the Mediterranean Sea offer lodging for all kind of visitors. The locations are specifically chosen to meet up with the guest’s needs, following the Greek hospitality tradition Xenia. Travelers will have the choice to feel the Greek generosity in its lovely apartments and bungalows by the beach; traditional houses such as Villas or Maisonettes located in stiff sea cliffs, are options that will seduce the visitors; traditional houses and caves “Canavas” have been turned into stunning touristic complexes. Camping sites and Hotels of any category are always easily to find and always available during the whole year all over the country.

Hellas, its Islands and the Mediterranean Sea are all one and that is why Cruises are highly recommended. Hellas’ Cruises companies have developed two different lines according to the size of the ships. Big Ship Cruises Lines such as Golden Star Cruises, Louis Cruise Lines, Monarch Classic Cruises or MSC Cruises provide several days itineraries and activities such Greek culture (language, gastronomy, dancing lessons) and all the features of this kind of ships such as gymnasiums, solariums, saunas, spas, mini-golf courses, bars, Internet cafes, Bingo, Casino and Playgrounds. Greece-based small-ship Cruises Lines, such as EasyCruise and Variety Cruises, are more focused on visitors that are not looking for the typical conventional journey but more opportunities to enjoy off-board activities as well as great on-board options such as pool bars and dance floors with DJs. However, most of these lines have decided to offer a high-class service, such as Seabourn, Sea Cloud, Seadream Yacht Club, Silversea, Star Clippers, Travel Dynamics International or Windstar Cruises.